I love being an Artist. There is no greater joy than standing in front of my art easel, paint every where and  the smell of oil paints in the air.  Inspired by  the intense colour on my brush and creating something from nothing. The best part of being an artist is living in that content moment when nothing else matters but doing what I love most – Art.


I love  sharing my art with others.  It is the mixture of the emotions I see that  in others, that fascinates  me. I love to see the smile on my clients  face when they receive a portrait of their loved one.


Some are my art pieces I call marmite pieces. You either love them or hate them. Often I don’t get the reaction I expect to get, people can be quite unpredictable at times. I am an artist who loves to  express of my feelings, thoughts and ideas, however it is not all about me I  also  love to see the  expressions on the faces of those who share my art with me.


I hope you enjoy my art too.


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