I won my first art prize when I was 7 years old for best artist in my year at  school. It was a box of smarties. The following year I won a huge box of ‘play people’ for  first prize in an art competition.  It was a portrait of my mother, rather  challenging as she wears glasses. These prizes confirmed what was in my heart.  I loved art.

I grew up with a father who is an excellent artist.  He was always doing sign writing for people, copper ware for fun and sketching nature.  From a young age he showed me how to get my perspective correct and how to get my shading realistic. His nurturing helped me to discover my love for art and nature.

The only art education I received was at school,  we used poster paint and charcoal .  A few years later I  briefly  attended an oil painting class at the age of 20. Then in my late 30’s I  did a very short introductory course to sculpturing.  Basically I am a self taught artist. Learning the hard way and loving every minute of it.

I started to do portraits at the age of 20 mostly in graphite pencils.  Over the years I have lost count of the number of portraits I have done and sadly  I do not have photographs of them all.  In my 30’s I started to paint portraits in oils. My first oil commission I received was from two Portuguese brothers. Their father had sadly passed away and they both wanted the same painting of him in their houses.  I am thrilled to say they were identical in the end and the clients were delighted.

I have worked on wall murals in restaurants, caricatures for corporates, banners for raves, posters for charites, decor for themed parties, cartoons for newsletters… Gosh the list is endless.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I love doing it.

Thank you.

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