Goldfish Painting

Goldfish painting.

I started my next painting today.

Why a gold fish?

Strange subject matter I know. It does fit in with my over all studies:

  1. It is of nature.
  2. The light in my image is amazing, it fits in with my  study of light on subjects.
  3. It does have a meaning, like this fish, I too I feel like I am going around and around in my life, repeating the same old cycles. While painting it I intend to contemplate why I am doing this and how to change my routines.


I was inspired one day while sitting at my Mother in Law’s house waiting for  one of her delicious roast dinners.  I sat gazing at her fish tank. My Mum has the most amazing fish, it is large, beautiful and graceful. The fins are huge and in perfect condition. The colours of the  scales in the light of the tank were breath taking. This magnificent creature was captivating. I had to paint it.



I grabbed my camera out of my bag …

Have you ever tried to photograph goldfish? Although the tank  was small I really battled. They move constantly, most of my images were blurred. When they weren’t it was a rubbish composition. Snapping away, while trying not to seem too impolite. When I got home I as rather disappointed with the photographs. With a little photo editing, taking a fin from one image and scales from another I finally created the image I wanted with the little I had.


Initially I wanted to paint a huge goldfish.  However after much consideration I realised  that a smaller one would be better. I had a canvas that was 100cm x 80cm and decided not to delay any longer. I should use what I have.


I know my work normally has a black background, but on this occasion at the very last moment I decided to paint a blue background. I think  the Blue and orange will work together nicely.

Time will tell.



Why do I keep getting glossy bloody backgrounds in oil paint.  This keeps happening to me and is driving me mad. Anyone out there got the answer?


Goldfish Photograph by Lynnette Ann Moodey


One thought on “Goldfish Painting”

  1. I painted a 8ft goldfish. Check it out . Love your goldfish but why not try it on a super scale. You originally thought maybe you should go that scale. I think with your talent it would be worth it. Marty

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