Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits


Pet portraits are one of my favourite subjects to draw or paint. That’s not  really surprising, a pet is part of the family. They show unconditional love and they are always there when you need a friend. That is why a pet portrait makes the perfect gift. You may wish to have a pet portrait produced for your home or you may prefer to give  a gift with a personal touch for an animal-lover.

Type of  pet portraits I draw and paint:


  • Dog portraits
  • Cat portraits
  • Horse portraits
  • Any other exotic pet you may have.


Pet portraits in different mediums

Pet portraits come in a choice of four different mediums to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. You can choose to have a graphite drawing of your pet,  a coloured pencil drawing,  acrylic painting and an oil painting, all of which have their own individual attributes.


Ordering a pet portrait

The information on this website will help you to choose the best style for your pet portrait as well as providing guidance on the ordering process, the type of photograph to supply  or  view  my frequently asked questions  page. If you still have any questions please contact me directly.


When it comes  the pet portraits I do,  you can have peace of mind that many hours of work have gone into your commission. In order to produce something you are truly delighted with. I aim to keep you involved in the creative process if you wish. If you prefer to wait and see a photograph of the finished product rather than receiving regular updates, this is something I am happy to cater for.


Animals are beautiful creatures to draw / paint. I will be delighted to help you with your pet portrait. Please  contact me directly to discuss your pet portrait ideas.







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