What I will need to know from you.

How many subjects?

If you require more than one person / pet, do you want them all placed on the same page / canvas or each subject  on its own page/ canvas?

Which medium do you prefer?

Oil Portrait – There is something very special about an oil portrait. This takes the longest time to paint because of the drying times.

Acrylic Portrait – Quick drying time, so I can offer a faster turn around with the beauty of realistic colours.

Pencil Portrait – Beautiful in its simplicity and it blends in nicely with most decor.  Great for clients with a smaller budget or requiring a faster turn around.

What size?

Please let me know what size you will prefer. I may need to adjust this to improve the composition of the portrait. We will discuss this beforehand to ensure you are happy with the size.

Photograph and name of the subject.

Please can you email me a photograph so that I can see the quality of the photograph and  then I discuss the details with you.  I prefer to know the name of the person / pet that I am commissioned to do,  it makes it more personal for me.


If you need your portrait for a special  occasion like a wedding gift or birthday present please let me know the dates. I always do my best to meet deadlines.


Please contact me with these details and I will be delighted to offer  you my proposal.  Thank you.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.



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